Sunday, April 24, 2005

Kofi Annan Will You Please Go Now! [Reprise]

[Parts of this were posted some weeks ago, but I feel strongly that it needs to be said at least one more time. And, since it is my blog, there is nothing (except good taste, I guess) to prevent me from posting it again with a few updates!]

As we watch the incredible spectacle of John Bolton's career being trashed for being such a meanie and disagreeing aggressively with some of his subordinates; Kofi Annan--who presided over the biggest, most costly fraud in the history of the world; and whose lack of leadership and oversight have resulted in encouraging the death and oppression of innumerable innocents--is considered a decent guy.

Contrary to popular belief, the Volker Report did not exonerate the Secretary General (although he, himself seems to think so). While the Bush Administration is not exactly calling for Annan's resignation (the devil you know...etc. etc.); they have nominated someone who will be unlikely to make the Secretary General's life more comfortable. And, if nothing else, the Democrats' incredible hysteria about Bolton's nomination would seem to suggest that they believe the UN has become such a sensitive, fragile and breakable entity, that sending someone who might actually disagree with its policies would cause its ultimate destruction.

Meanwhile,there has been pressure applied to the Secretary General to resign, which he --so far-- has managed to bravely resist. Check out here, here, here, and here, for example. And here is an editorial documenting the reality of Annan's "leadership" (hat tip: Free Thoughts).

Kofi Annan may go down in history as the one man who has done more to lead the UN into total political irrelevancy and international scandal. He has presided over its descent into a reckless disregard for universal human rights by its consistent anti-American and anti-freedom policies.

In his defense, Kofi does bring a sense of humor to the job. Here he is preaching responsibility and accountability to the US. And here, in a blazing flash of insight, Annan notices that the UN "human rights" body isn't doing anything to support human rights! Ha. Ha.

So again, it is time to call for Annan's ouster. The UN has become a Kofi-Klatch that is now responsible for creating the kind of international evil it was originally formed to combat.

Kofi must go. Let me spell it out form him, since simple language is perhaps best.(with apologies to Dr. Seuss and Marvin K. Mooney)

The time has come.
The time has come.
The time is now.
Just go.
We don't care how.

You can go to hades.
You can go ker-plow!
Kofi Annan, will you please go now!

You can go to Iraq
You can march with the Lebanese
You can go to Iran or Sudan,
But please go. Please!

We don't care.
You can take a hike.
You can go on a political retreat if you like.
If you like you can go visit Kojo in a zoo.
Jut go, go, GO!
Please do, do, DO!

Kofi Annan, we don't care how.
Kofi Annan, will you please GO NOW!

We said GO and GO we shout....
The time has come.
Kofi, get OUT!

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