Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Chrenkoff Scoops the Media--Again

From Chrenkoff:
Our special correspondent and translator Haider Ajina wants you to know about a new opinion poll from Iraq. It was published in the April 18 edition of Iraqi Arabic newspaper "Almidhar". 778 Baghdadis were asked:

"Do you support the pull out of foreign troops?

"At once - 12.56%

"According to a future timetable - 81.80%

"Do not know - 5.64%

"Has the security situation improved since the start of the new government?

"Yes - 55%

"No - 35%

"No change - 10%"

Go read the rest of what Haider Adjina says in the Chrenkoff post.

I believe I failed to see this important poll and story in my newspaper. Obviously Chrenkoff scooped them and it will soon show up. Yeah, right.

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