Sunday, April 10, 2005

Kerry Keeps on Katerwauling

Power Line notes that John Kerry has redefined "sore loser" to an art form; and in addition is going around insulting members of his own party. He wonders:

...why aren't Democrats offended by this nonsense? Does John Kerry really think that his voters are so dumb that they actually believe that members of different parties are supposed to vote on different days? News flash, John: that line about Democrats voting on Wednesday is a joke. I differ with Democrats on all kinds of issues, but I would never insult their intelligence the way the leaders of their own party do. Why do rank-and-file Democrats put up with it? Beats me.
Meanwhile, it has been 70 days since John Kerry promised to sign the Form 180 to release all his military records. Polipundit points to a blogger obsessed with Kerry signing the Form 180 (here's the link --and note that she uses some very, very...ummmmm...descriptive language that perfectly accurately (IMHO) describes the former Democratic presidential nominee).


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