Monday, April 18, 2005

The Power of Victimhood

New Sisyphus has a great post on the culture of victimhood and its implications for winning the war on Islamofascism. First he discusses the victimhood culture:

As Shelby Steele has so eloquently written about, one horrific side effect of the otherwise righteous movement for civil rights and black emancipation in the late 1950’s to the late 1960’s was conditioning the wider population to view victimization as a claim to moral authority and, through that authority, political power.

The result has been an ever-expanding culture of victimization, where every small interest pressure group fights to prove and establish facts that lay claim to its special victimization, its unique suffering, as a means to power. Environmentalists focus on the harm done to our forests, feminists on rape, homosexuals on hate crimes, and child advocates on child abuse. Only by demonstrating that the wider culture—consciously or unconsciously—has victimized the target group can that group lay claim to the power of modern liberal guilt; and, through that guilt, legislation designed to promote or protect that group’s perceived interests.

The phenomena is so wide-spread, so common now, as to not require much in the way of illustration; any observer of the modern political scene knows all too well the horrible power of victim’s groups. After all, who can stand against them? Do so and you’re a horrible person who cares nothing for the suffering of these poor people. And so it goes, in an ever-increasingly ridiculous circus of victimhood.

Now, turning to the War on Terror and Islamofascism, we find that there is a REAL victim of oppression by our enemies:

As we have pointed out before, one of the advantages we in the anti-Islamist camp possess is that the Islamists, like the National Socialists before them, are so in love with their ideology that they are loathe to hide it. Instead, they shout it from the rooftops for all to hear: the goal is an Islamic world-state in which clerics of Islam will rule, Islamic law will be the only law recognized, people of other faiths will convert or pay heavy taxes in tribute and where a woman’s every move, every public and private act, will be the target of the most intrusive body of laws and regulations ever imposed on human beings.

Muslim leaders take no steps to hide these goals. For example, just today the indispensable Tim Blair forwarded a report of a speech by an Australian Muslim leader in which he said:

“Every minute in the world a woman is raped, and she has no one to blame but herself, for she has displayed her beauty to the whole world. Strapless, backless, sleeveless - they are nothing but satanical. Mini-skirts, tight jeans - all this to tease men and to appeal to (their) carnal nature."

Given the Islamist agenda, we anti-Islamists have a natural ally not only in approximately 51% of our own populations, but, incredibly, also in 51% of the enemy’s population. As recent elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention pro-democracy protests in the Islamic Republic, have recently proved, the Islamists have a huge, gaping weak spot, and it has double X chromosomes. Statements like the above cannot help but contrast the diffent deal being offered women by liberal democracy and Islamism.

YES! YES! YES! As I have pointed out many times in this blog, I believe that the key to winning the war on Islamofascism is Women's Rights. As New Sisyphus points out, the Islamists are so in love with their ideology, they regularly trot out women (whether under their own free will or not is a separate question)to advocate for the most atrocious laws and behavior towards women.

If the International Women's Movement were all it's cracked up to be, they would be shouting about this at the top of their lungs. There would be demonstrations by millions of women all over the world in support of freedom for their enslaved sisters.

Unfortunately, the Women's Movement is stuck on applying the vissictitudes of Marxist theory to their petty complaints; and deifying lunatics who preached male hatred; and are far too busy defaming people like Larry Summers (for having the temerity to suggest that males and females are...well different)to take much of an interest in advocating basic human freedoms for women unfortunate enough to be born in certain parts of the world.

Come on, ladies. LET'S ROLL!

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