Friday, September 24, 2004

John Kerry = Grima Wormtongue

Senator John Kerry has become the "Grima Wormtongue" of American politics. Kerry asserts that Allawi's "take" on Iraq is "unrealistic". This is just one more instance of Kerry's shamefully negative and dishonest attempts to show how hopeless the Iraqi situation is. He's wrong. Go here, here, here, here, here, here and here (and that's just a start!)--if you want a realistic, yet optimistic picture of the situation in Iraq.

Like Wormtongue in the Lord of the Rings, whispering his doom and gloom to the American public, Kerry is using the Iraq war to further his own ambition of power. He cares nothing for the soldiers who are sacrificing their lives for freedom and democracy. With every word he speaks on the issue, you can see that he truly believes that evil should win and that there is nothing we can do against Saruman--let alone Sauron. His conclusion is that, since soldiers are dying, we should just give up.

Noone is saying that the Iraq War situation is "rosy"--on the contrary, all along, President Bush has said the battle is a prolonged and expensive one but that it is worth fighting. President Bush was correct that our 1st Mission in Iraq was accomplished after Saddam was overthrown; but only a person with their eyes clouded by the masterful propaganda of a Wormtongue, could fail to see that now in Iraq we are fighting against the Terrorists directly--and not against the state that used to sponsor them.

Noone knows the outcome of this secondary--and even more important--Iraqi battle that has become the forefront in the global war on terror, but there is always hope when we keep our eyes open and persevere, even in the face of the barbaric acts of inhumanity practiced by our enemy. Let us remember that hope is not the same thing as denial and that fighting this evil is a goal worthy of our nation and our values. Kerry would have us deny even the possibility of hope and victory. He's such a loser.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer notes in his latest op-ed piece (via Instapundit):
The terrorists' objective is to intimidate all countries allied with America. Make them bleed and tell them this is the price they pay for being a U.S. ally. The implication is obvious: Abandon America and buy your safety.
That is what the terrorists are saying. Why is the Kerry campaign saying the same thing?

Keep scrolling down for even more instances of Kerry-Wormtongue's unpatriotic speech.


Anonymous said...

Kerry doesn't seem to understand the impact of his negative message. It doesn't advance him politically either.

Dr. Sanity said...

I agree Roundguy. What Kerry et al. fail to appreciate is that one of the side-effects of deposing Saddam and the Taliban (2 state sponsors of terrorism) is that their state are now focal points for terrorists to fight the US. We have made them come out of the shadows and engage us on a battlefield where we can isolate them. Iraq IS the war on terror and not to see that shows what a poor CIC Kerry would be.