Monday, September 20, 2004


CBS has issues a statement saying that it has not been able to authenticate the documents it used in the 60 Minutes II. "CBS cannot prove that the documents are authentic" and "We should not have used them."

Sorry, but that statement is OBSCENE. THE DOCUMENTS ARE COMPLETELY FALSE. CBS has maintained the "essential" truth of those documents for over 10 days. They should never again receive the trust of the American public. Their "deep regret" is too little, too late. If this were any other business concern, they would now go bankrupt and it would be richly deserved. Hopefully everyone who has stock in the company will dump it.

I predict the next thing they do will be to try to blame their "victimhood" on the Bush Campaign (in fact I just heard a Democratic congressman say that CBS couldn't do anything more because it was probably a Bush operative who gave them the documents).

God, I hate the way these guys operate. I am so sick of the distortion of truth, the outright lying; the pandering; the attempts to denigrate a President during war; the aggressive promotion that EVERYTHING in Iraq is going wrong (no matter what the Iraqis say); the attempt to make this war on terror somehow like the Vietnam war, where the strength of America was sapped by the constant leeches of doom on the Left (and yes, I include CBS and the mainstream media in general in the membership of the Left) .

There is nothing they would like better than to defeat America again. They won the battle in Vietnam and now they cling to that as their prototype victory for all time. But, in the end, they couldn't help the Communists to take over the world--Freedom won. Now they are attempting to hand it over on a silver platter again, but this time to the Islamofascists. Some of the members of the party of the Left are dupes; some are just plain stupid and dishonest about what they are doing; and others know precisely where it is they are leading this country. Back to the primordial muck; back to the caves. In their heart they know this truth, and they are glad.

My hatred of their tactics is open and honest. Theirs is disguised under the words "peace" and "justice". Their hatred of America and all it stands for is hidden in the shadow of their claims to be for "the little guy"; for the "poor" and for the "opressed". Yet, they are guilty of complicity in the death and misery of literally millions around the world, and will not be satisfied until we are all under the yoke of the oppressive ideologies they support.

Capitalism in concert with Freedom and Democracy has time and again been the hope of humanity. Those with talent and vision have pulled the rest of us up out of the primordial muck with their creativity and genius and by achieving their own dreams, have allowed us to see the world as it could be--where everyone is free to express the best within and achieve what his own talent and vision permit. Those with even an iota of integrity should not permit CBS and all the other organizations that are so thoroughly brainwashed by their own rhetoric (ANSWER, MOVEON, the DNC to name a few) to take control of this country.

I look to the Free Market now. They are the ultimate Justice for the likes of CBS.
Take. Them. Down. Bigtime.

UPDATE: Dan Rather has added his mealy-mouthed 2 cents to the above CBS statement. I don't care. I am sick of CBS and I am sick of Dan Rather. I am sick to death of the whole issue and wish it were November 1. I will leave the rational discussion to the folks at other blogs Check out the ones listed on my sidebar for updates.

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Anonymous said...

Poetic justice would be that CBS go bankrupt over this. It would definitely serve them right, as you say. But, come on...tell us what you really think, don't hold back.

A. Lincoln