Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Equal Opportunity In Islam?

This is the what passes for gender equity in the Islamic world (hat tip: Cooky):

FSB investigators have established that three months before the terror attack on Dubrovka, Ganiyev persuaded his sisters Fatima and Milana to adopt the Wahabbi doctrine, and a month before the attack took them from their home by force, saying that they were going to visit relatives. Investigators said that they have established that Basayev paid Rustam Ganiyev $3,000 for offering his sisters as suicide bombers. After that he decided that his third sister must follow the same fate as Fatima and Milana. Perhaps, he hoped to receive another $1,500 for hiring Raisa, FSB officials said. The girl then approached the police for protection.

And read this, too.

Equal opportunity death. What a religion!

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