Monday, September 27, 2004

Another One Bites The Dust

Good news from Pakistan. And Syria . And England . Who says it's not a global war?

UPDATE: Here is the new Bush Ad. It asks a very important question about John Kerry after playing a few Kerry soundbites. Ouch.

UPDATE II: Via Instapundit, here is a roundup of Iraqi Blogs: Carnival of the Liberated. As I have been saying all along, check out what the Iraqis have to say--they might have a different perspective about what Kerry has been saying, since they actually live in Iraq. Some are supportive of the U.S., some angry; but all appear to have hope that things can get better in their country. Some first-hand reporting and background.
UPDATE III: And, if this is true it is Big News.
UPDATE IV: Ah well, the Big News was a bust. Zawahiri is still at large.

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