Thursday, September 09, 2004

Wah! Wah! Wah!

Its so unfair!
We're not allowed to criticize his Vietnam military record.... (it's questioning his patriotism)
We're not allowed to say that things would be worse if he were elected... (it's hateful rhetoric)
We're not allowed to talk about his record in the Senate.... (there's nothing to talk about)
We're not allowed to say he's out of touch with normal Americans.... (its hypocrisy and lying)
We're not allowed to see all of HIS military records.... (he's a hero)
We're not allowed to see his billionaire wife's tax records.....(they're not relevant)
We're not allowed to watch Republican 527's anti-Kerry commercials... (they're part of a vast
right wing conspiracy, doncha know?)
We're not allowed to call him a flip-flopper and mock his changes in position....(it hurts his
We're not allowed to point out that he has voted against every military spending bill in the Senate...(that was over the last 20 years, but he's a hero)
We're not allowed to yell at him....("feel the hate")
We're not allowed to question his fitness to command....(did I mention he was a hero?)
We're not allowed to wonder why he made up stories about being in Cambodia in 1968....(he's a hero)
We're not allowed to wonder why he videotaped his adventures in Vietnam for posterity....(he's a hero)
We're not allowed to wonder why he came back and called his fellow Vietnam veterans war criminals....(he's a hero)
We're not allowed to wonder if he's telling the truth about other items in his history....(to do so would be "fear and smear")

I guess we should just stop asking all these silly, childish questions; stop whining, and act like responsible, grown-up adult Democrats.

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Anonymous said...

Nice technique, very effective I think (hope).

It may be a great way to combat the Leftist confuse and confound tar-baby style confrontations they hope we get so bogged down in. Just give 'em the hylights of refutation, and supporting references for those who want to follow up. I like it.