Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Truth? They Can't Handle The Truth

Why is anyone surprised that Fox News has beat out ABC, NBC, CBS, and the other two cable news networks in viewers for the RNC?? I have been saying for months that Brit Hume and crew are THE BEST NEWS SERVICE ON TELEVISION.

"That marked what is believed to be the first time a cable channel has grabbed the biggest audience for a telecast of a single event covered by all the networks, Fox said.
Combined viewership during the 10 o'clock hour in which the Big Three joined cable outlets Fox News, CNN and MSNBC in carrying Tuesday's proceedings totaled nearly 22.2 million, according to Nielsen Media Research.
That was up from the 18.5 million six-network total for the first night of the Democratic convention in July, when former President Bill Clinton addressed the delegates.
NBC was a close second behind Fox with 5.1 million viewers, followed by CBS with 4.4 million and ABC with 4.3 million. NBC's sister cable network, MSNBC, was fifth with 1.6 million viewers, and CNN was dead last with 1.5 million.
As they did for the Democrats in Boston, the broadcast networks are limiting their prime-time coverage of the Republican convention in New York to one hour a night for three nights and skipping one evening of the event altogether. The three cable outlets are offering gavel-to-gavel coverage."

I hate the way ALL the cable news outlets play up stories like the Peterson and Bryant Trials, as well as all the trivial news of the day--and that includes Fox. Nothing irritates me more than having to watch high/low speed chases in various parts of the country-- although I know when I turn on the TV and see that, nothing really important must be happening. But one of the things I really, really like about Fox News is that they actually call terrorists "terrorists"--not "insurgents", not "militants", not "rebels" etc., etc. etc. They also frequently refer to suicide bombers as "homicide bombers"--another good reality check.

You may not agree with some of the positions taken by the individual reporters; you may not like that they include positions on both sides of almost every issue; but what's important is that Fox News is the only station that consistently airs the stories that matter and provides context and clarity, as well as debate and diversity.
I have talked about Fox News before (here, for example). I understand that the protestors in NYC had a demonstration against Fox, as well as against the RNC. They say they want the truth, and that Fox News should be silenced. Why? It's simple. They can't handle the truth.

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