Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Look In The Mirror

Over and over again we see the Left proposing that it is the Right who is the origin of hate, war, and suffering. That the Right is taking us to Hitler's Germany. They repeat this mantra like it was a holy chant from the holy book of the Left.

While granting that there is certainly a lot of hate in individuals of both sides (hate, after all, is a HUMAN emotion and all of us are human), the interesting thing about the hate that the Left generates is that it is disguised and self-righteous. It is then "projected" onto the Right, so that the Left does not have to take any responsibiity for it--for they are pure and holy. Their way of viewing the world is the only correct way, so their analogy of Bush=Hitler is not "hate", but gospel truth. This way they never, ever need to examine their own emotions; their own beliefs, or their own premises.

Again, reasonable people can admit that both Bush and Kerry are flawed men. But each represents a significantly different way of viewing reality and a marked difference in dealing with it. Bush is direct, confrontational and focused on the facts. Kerry is nuanced (indirect); passive; and in denial. One is living in the first decade of the 21st century. The other is stuck in the 7th decade of the 20th century.
Some part of the Left recognizes that something dreadful is going on in the world, but they cannot face it directly because it is too threatening to their world-view and their holy scripture; and facing the truth might make them have to go into their heart of hearts to examine the origins of that dreadful terror. Hence the need to displace their anxiety to a less threatening authority figure (e.g., Bush) is easier than facing the source of their anxiety.

These three psychological mechanisms (projection, denial, and displacement) are the source of almost all human misery, genocide, racism, anti-semitism, sexism, and now terrorism that we see all over the world. If the Left wants to know where they originate, then need to look in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

"There is none so blind as those who will not see." Again, you make none issues issues and dodge the fundamental questions. Bush is anything but direct. He is the king of misdirection. He wanted a war with Irag regardless of whether on not they had anything to do with 911 and he got it. No weapons of mass destruction. No IMMEDIATE threat to the American people, no pre-war major association with terrorism. But he is out on the campaign trail today, blurring the lines between fighting terrorists and what is happening in Iraq. Now Bush has the outright chutzpah to say that lawsuites (and not his tax breaks on outsourcing) are causing job loss. Lucky for him none of his supporters insist that this make sense, because they will blindly follow him and attack and destroy any enemy including fellow Americans.

Bush and the Republicans are fight cats robbing your children's future blind and you are too stubborn, or too ignorant (uneducated - not stupid) to see it.

I don't hate you because of that, I pity you and the world you are creating for your children by not demanding more of our politicians whether it be Bush, Cheney, Kerry or Edwards.

Honesty, accountability, not secretiveness and misdirection are the American way.

Don't kid yourself about who be hatin'. It B U.

Dr. Sanity said...

Anonymous - we'll see, won't we?