Thursday, September 23, 2004

Zarqawi and Penis Envy

Debkafile has an interesting theory why Musab al-Zarqawi is so determined to get "Dr. Germ" released.

According to DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources, Zarqawi has been tipped off that one of the two Iraqi scientists is on the point of breaking under questioning and spilling the beans on Saddam’s WMD to her American interrogators. He therefore interceded by seizing the three Western hostages, either to gain her release or scare her into holding silent.

Our sources also believe that Zarqawi has personal acquaintance going back five years with one or both the Iraqi women scientists. A poisons expert himself, the Jordanian terror master frequently passed through Baghdad in the years 1998 and 2002 on his way to the biological and chemical weapons laboratories made available to al Qaeda in the northern Iraqi town of Biyara. He may even have been supplied with equipment, materials and instruction manuals by those very women. The facility was located in an area controlled by Ansar al-Islam which it later transpired was an operational wing of al Qaeda. Zarqawi may be seeking their release so that they can be hired by al Qaeda to continue the biological weapons researches they performed for the deposed Iraqi dictator.

This theory is clearly plausible, but I suspect that the underlying psychological reason Zarqawi cuts off people's heads on a regular basis these days is because he truly enjoys it like most serial killers. And there is probably also a sexual thrill in it for him, too. You know, playing with that big, bad sword and waving it around in front of a videocamera probably compensates a lot for having a miniscule penis and no balls at all.

He may even be under the delusion that he is a male of the species. The question is, of course, what species?

UPDATE: And here's yet another example of what it means to be a masculine and superior Arab Jihadist. Pathetic. Is it possible for cockroaches to have a satisfying sex life, I wonder?

UPDATE II: Here is a link describing what some Arab women think of their, men.

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