Thursday, September 30, 2004

These Are a Few of Dr. Sanity's Best Posts !

It's the last day of September and we're celebrating my birthday and the Boo's. It is also the 3rd month anniversary of my blogging! So, I am just going to link to several of my most popular (and best!) posts and hope those of you who haven't had a chance to read them will be able to now. Cheers!

Psychological Analysis of Bush Hatred

35th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Psychiatry 101 : Psychological Defense Mechanisms

Optimism versus Pessimism

The Wonderful World of Denial

Histrionics As A Determinant of National Policy

For Our Children's Children

Defenders of Truth

The Doctor is Somewhat Confused About These Memos...

It's So Unfair

Enabling Behavior For Terrorism

The "Girlie Women" of Today's Feminist Movement

A Lesson in Narcissistic Rage

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