Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Captain Ed from Captain's Quarters makes an excellent point about gossip writer Kitty Kelley's new book about the Bush Family:

I know that lefty bloggers like Oliver Willis are drooling over the blockbuster allegations and promoting them as Bush's doom. I find it enlightening that they readily accept the word of a disgruntled and unstable ex-wife of Bush's brother and possibly one or more unnamed sources, while they completely disregard over 250 combat veterans who put their names to their testimony in Unfit For Command and backed it up with evidence. The Left has very flexible standards when it comes to credibility these days.

250 combat veterans are "liars" and indulging in a "smear campaign" against John Kerry, but a well-known distorter of truth for fun and profit who has spent her life trashing famous people is someone to listen to.

THAT, my friends, is known as desperation.

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