Sunday, September 05, 2004

The "Girlie Women" of Today's Feminist Movement

Once upon a time, the Feminist Movement actually stood for something. I remember when I was in Medical School in the early 70's. Those of you who can remember that far back (you know, during the Vietnam war?? The one that Kerry fought in??) might remember that at the time every medical school in the U.S. was overwhelmingly male-dominated. "Doctors Wanted: No Women Need Apply" was a book that documented the systemic exclusion of women from the medical profession. In my class at UCLA of 105 people, only a small handful were women. The Women's Movement of the day stood up proudly to support and encourage women: "I am woman, hear me roar--in numbers too big to ignore..." I was proud to be a Feminist then, when the agenda was women's rights. That was when Feminists were arguing that women need NOT be victims; and told them to stand up and live up to the best within themselves.

There is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the very same Feminist Movement that I supported back then was instrumental in mobilizing and encouraging women to reach for the stars. One small measure of the success of that movement is that most medical school classes today are 50% or greater composed of women! There is no systematic discrimination any more that keeps women out of medicine. Women are in every medical specialty. They have become presidents of universities and professional societies; deans of medical schools and chairwomen of departments. This is really wonderful.

The bad news is that the Feminist Movement never realized that the mission had been mostly accomplished. The women who want to become professionals--or do anything for that matter--can do it--including becoming wives and mothers if they choose. The war is won, but the Feminist Movement continues to battle on, oblivious to that fact.

The main justification for their battles these days are to support the cult of victimhood that they have created among women. They have become like a mother once happy to nurture her child and help her leave the nest and go joyfully off to lead her own life; but now extremely bitter and resentful about the fact that her daughter doesn't need her anymore. Feminists have now dedicated their lives to convincing women that they really don't have any power; aren't capable of living and working equally among men; and encouraging them in demanding the "rights" that will ensure women who embrace their party line will be regarded by any person of reason and responsibility as complete losers and whiners.

Because now, the "Feminists" (and today, I use the term with contempt) have a strict party line. Apparently, if you are NOT a Democrat, or more generally, a person on the left side of the political spectrum, THEN YOU ARE NOT A WOMAN WHO COUNTS. If you are the National Security Advisor in a Republican Adminstration and happen to be a woman--and not only that, a black woman--you don't count (as either a woman or a black). If you are a REPUBLICAN nominee for the Judiciary and a woman--YOU DON'T COUNT. YOU DON'T COUNT if you happen to disagree with them on any issue. Indeed, the Feminist Movement of today is a bizarre parody of the women's movement that once supported and encouraged women like me back in the 70's. Like the mother I mentioned above, this group has now become outraged that I and others like me have excelled and dared to have my own ideas about how things should be in the world. Dared to disagree with them. Dared to grow up and live my own life.

The only "rape" of the Feminist Movement has been by women (though it can hardly qualify as "rape" since it has been consensual) who now proclaim that all women are "victims" and that there is only one correct way to be a woman; only one way to think, and only one way to vote. While they whine and posture, parading around New York in pink, lacy underwear with "bush" on the crotch, real women (not these "girlie women") have supported a President who has liberated millions of women in Afghanistan from the most brutal misogynist regime in history. How amazing that George W. Bush is more of a real feminist than any of these losers.


Jen said...

This the same "Feminist" movement that supported Clinton through his sex scandals - viewing him as the victim and refusing to support the women. I wonder if they embrace the women of today who when asked why they support the Democrats, their reply is, "Because John Edwards is so CUTE!" (feel free to insert a school girl squeal)

Anonymous said...

Liberated? Tell that to the dead ones. Iraq posed no immediate threat to America then, and 20,000 dead Iragi's later, we will surely have to keep one eye open at night for years for the sons of the mothers we have slain to hand the Iraqi oil fields to the Arabs and allow Halliburton to profit from an unnecessary war an entire nation was mislead into fighting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Anonymous, YOU tell it to the dead men, women and children of the Taliban and Iraqi regimes. YOU tell it to the women who had no future EVER within these regimes. YOUR preference would be for an eternity of abuse, denigration and humiliation THEN death for these women. GROW UP. No one wants anyone to die,but there are some things worth dying for and FREEDOM is right there on the top of the list.