Saturday, September 04, 2004

Feel the Hate, Indeed

Paul Krugman obviously was too busy "feeling the hate" from the Republican National Convention to be able to work up much of a negative emotional sweat about the terrorist massacre in Beslan. Someday, I hope people like him will rot in a special place in hell.


Anonymous said...

You obviously read his article and you didn't dissappoint him. Wishing someone to rot in hell sure doesn't seem like the words of a sane person much less a doctor. Maybe you should change your name to "Satan's Helper".

God bless.

Dr. Sanity said...

On the contrary, Mr/Ms Anonymous. I am perfectly aware of MY anger. Mr. Krugman simply projects his without taking any responsibility, so he can be superior. If there is a hell, then Mr. K will undoubtedly meet me there. Because, if someone is able to get into heaven by simply accusing others of the rage that they themselves feel, then I will gladly give up my psychiatrist's credentials.

Anonymous said...

How do you take away any Heaven/Hell issues from that article? How do you find his reporting of what was said at the convention hateful?

What psychiatrist in their right mind, given they must also be a doctor and have taken the hippocratic oath of "do not harm" wishes rot or hell on anyone?

Why is the right "hellbent" on making divisiveness and untrue personal attacks the center of the campaign rather than running on the issues of what needs to be done to fix America?

Is it because a lameduck President, who hasn't made any effort to deal with the issues before re-election will stand little chance of fixing them in a second term?

Let's make American a better place for all Americans, without resorting to the childish wishing people to hell.

You should give up your psychiatric credentials, since you are clearly one more hate-filled politician and NOT a healer.

MS. Anonymous

Jerry said...

I often am amazed at the denial that the Kerry supporters are showing. Unemployment's below Clinton-era ranges, yet 'the jobs are bad'. Consumer confidence is on the rise, more people own homes than ever before, yet 'it's the worst economy since the Great Depression'. (Hell, didn't they try that same trick for the 1992 election?) 9/11 was a hell of a kick in the nuts to the economy, which was sliding into a recession when the tech bubble burst under CLINTON, yet it's all Bush's fault that everyone isn't rich and good looking.

I'm a great believer in what works, and I'm not inclined to change things just on someone's say-so, when there's direct evidence that the man has misrepresented his record and is attempting to play down damn near everything he's done in the last 35 years. What Kerry's proposing, to me, doesn't have a chance in hell of working the way he expects. Now, the current tendency for Democratic activists to characterise disagreement as hate, and attempt to pass it off in a public forum as such, is completely rephrehensible.


Anonymous said...

Lamest. Logic. Ever.

Your point is that raising the points Krugman did in his article equals a willful dismissal of Beslan.

Well, in your post on Krugman you fail to mention the slaughter in Darfur.


Anonymous said...

As hate goes, Krugman's seems reserved for Bush and Republicans.