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SO DARK THE CON OF THE WEST: Palestinian Deception, "Victimhood", and Jihad

Steve Huntley wonders why the many critics of Israel ignore the atrocities by the Palestinians:
The 40th anniversary of Israel's lightning victory achieved in six days of war finds the Jewish state struggling through the seventh year of a terrorist war unleashed by Yasser Arafat in 2000. A quick victory as in 1967 has eluded Israel for the simple reason that then the Arab world hurled armies at Israel, while now the Palestinian terrorists' weapon of choice has been the civilian, most gruesomely in the men, women and teenagers recruited to be suicide bombers.
Most of the time civilians are employed as cannon fodder, human shields behind which the terrorists of Hamas, the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, Islamic Jihad and other criminal gangs plot murder, dispatch "militants" to kill seniors, women and children, launch rockets at Israeli villages, then fade into the crowd to escape reprisals....
Israel is constantly warned by the likes of the European Parliament not to react "disproportionately" to Palestinian violence, without anyone ever quite defining what would be proportionate.

It seems logical that in the current crisis that a proportionate response would be for the Israelis to return the fire in the same manner they are suffering it, i.e., launch rockets toward the Gaza Strip. But the Israelis won't resort with this form of retaliation because their society won't tolerate the deliberate targeting of civilians.

Palestinian terrorists defend their attacks on Israeli civilians by describing them as part of the human infrastructure that sustains the "occupation." Using similar logic, the Israelis could see all Palestinians as the enemy. After all, in what everybody reminds us was a democratic election, the Palestinians put into government the terrorist party Hamas that refuses to recognize the right of Israel's existence and has murdered many Israelis to underscore that point. The Palestinians made their choice, it could be argued, just as the Germans backed the Nazis, and we didn't let qualms about civilian casualties stop us and the British from bombing German cities.

But, no, we live in a different world. Well, most of us do. Not only their own revulsion at targeting civilians, but the civilized world's abhorrence of it means the Israelis take pains to aim their reprisals at the terrorists. But the expectations of, for instance, the Europeans are markedly different for the Palestinians. No atrocity, no suicide bombing shredding the flesh of teenage girls, no massacre seems enough to give the Europeans more than a momentary pause. Then it's back to their default position of excusing Palestinian wretched excesses, citing the "occupation."

The West for the most part has the attitude that somehow, allowing the Palestinians to suffer the consequences of their choices and behavior would be "punishing them". A typical proponent of this attitude, for example, is former President Carter, who has consistently and regularly advocates that Israel's actions should be punished, but that the Palestinians must be given a free pass by civilization.

Carter blithely discusses the "devastating consequences" of Israel or American actions, but I have yet to see him--or any others who put forth the same compassionate view-- grapple with the "devastating consequences" of the Hamas charter. Or of suicide bombers. Or of the intent, stated repeatedly by the leaders of the Palestinians and sanctioned by the Palestinian people who voted to elect Hamas, to destroy Israel.

Carter and the other terrorist enablers of the West ignore Palestinian behavior with the cultivated cognitive dissonance of today's postmodern left. The obsession of the West with the eternal victimhood cult of the Palestininas has been the single biggest psychological impediment toward peace in that region.

Why should the Palestinians' behavior ever change? What could possibly motivate them to be civilized? Or deal honestly with Israel? They have every reason to believe that the Carters of the world will always let them off the hook--and bail them out--no matter what they do or how badly they behave.

When it comes to seeking peace; or establishing a civil and productive society the Palestinians have shown themselves to be completely hopeless and only focused on war.

In fact, they are so committed to war; so determined to continue on their path homicidal violence for violence' sake, that they are indoctrinating the next generation into the cult of death (and they don't even need Mickey Mouse to do it).

Western leaders are amazingly slow learners. They have been excusing the Palestinians and vilifying Israel for decades now, and yet they wonder why peace is so elusive in that part of the world.

The Palestinian Con is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of the world.

And the Western world, which is the actual victim of the con seems bent on never calling these flim-flam artist to account for undermining every peace process; breaking every truce; squandering every chance; and worshipping death. It is truly amazing how the West, instead of understanding the con, are willing accessories to it and instead view the con artist as the victim and constantly act to protect and defend him. What would you say to a victimized senior citizen who delusionally protects the perpetrators of a scam who have robbed him of all his savings? You would rightfully think he is out of his mind and feel pity at how the ravages of age have compromised his cognitive functioning.

Indeed. The cognitive functioning of the West has been ravaged and severely compromised by an idea that, at the time anyway, seemed to be fairly sensible: to appreciate and celebrate the differences of various cultures and the perspectives and strengths that they bring to the world of humanity.

Somehow that idea evolved into the dogma that all cultures have equal merit; with the exception that Western culture--particularly America and Israel-- is uniquely evil and the source of all that is bad.

The Multicultural Dogma evolved in successive iterations to claiming that America and Israel are never justified in defending themselves against the aggression of "poor" or "oppressed" societies, because those societies have been the victims of American (and Israeli) imperialistic actions and are thus excused from responsibility for their behavior (which is always "America's/Israel's/the West's/Bush's fault anyway).

As you can see, multiculturalism and the dogma it spawned eventually reached the barrier of reality, and then proceeded to shatter that barrier, unconcerned with death and destruction it left in its wake.

Ask yourself why would peaceful coexistence ever be the result of an ideology that has done everything in its power to eradicate universalism of humanity and instead emphasize differences and foist multiculturalism to the point of ridiculousness into the public consciousness?

Multiculturalism, or that which celebrates--not belonging to the family of humanity--but one's sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious identity above all else.

Like many ideas marketed (or should I say 'imposed')by the left, it should now be apparent to anyone with a brain, that the exact opposite of what is promised ends up being delivered.

Just as the false promises of socialism and communism were found to lead to misery instead of happiness; poverty instead of wealth; enslavement instead of freedom--so too, have multiculturalism and political correctness, instead of harmony, brought lethal discord.

Observe how easily Islam has been able to subvert key Western values--such as freedom of speech and expression (e.g., the Danish cartoons as just one example)--with a degree of invincibility and outraged virtue, capitalizing on a tactical opportunity that was not present prior to the latter part of the last century. Since then many on the political left, particularly the remnants of utopian socialist ideology, can be counted on to aid and abet Islam's claims to victimhood by the West and the sense of entitlement they exhibit for the West's money.

Everywhere Western leftists march and strut their stuff, you will see the tacit support given, either consciously or unconsciously, to all the thugs of the Middle East (and elsewhere) who engage in jihad, murder, and the most vile anti-semitism, sexism and homophobia.

And the Palestinians are at the center of the insanity.

Their entire society is constructed on a cesspool of swirling self-destructive rationalizations, encouraged by their Muslim brothers who all want a piece of the victimhood con as a cover for Islamic jihad. And the objects of the con are the most encouraging and enabling of all--how many times will Israel have to make honest concessions and take the first step toward peace? How many times will Israelis have to demonstrate their goodwill and willingness to live in peace with these maniacs? How many truces, treaties, aggreements, must be broken-- before the world sees the Palestinians for the cheap con artists they are?

They don't want peace. They don't want to live in their own state if Israel exists. They don't care about the suffering of innocent people - Israeli or Palestinian. They don't care, because they have no honor. They are incapable of goodwill. They have no leader with any integrity. They have nothing but their hatred.

And as they parade and dance around with their UN-funded banners, pretending that they are real men; shooting guns in the air and setting things on fire; preparing their children for future suicide missions; the only thing we can be certain of is that the Palestinians will continue to squander every opportunity and waste any goodwill directed their way, subverting it to their openly stated murderous agenda. The con will continue, because they can't do it without our complicit and deliberate blindness toward their ongoing homicidal and suicidal behavior.

In an earlier piece on how to achieve perfect victimhood, I commented:
One group in particular deserves special mention for their unfailing and extraordinary efforts at maintaining and feeding their Victimhood for decades. I am speaking of course, about the Palestinians. Through their previous president, Yasser Arafat, they creatively resisted worldwide attempts to ease them gently from their role of victim. Their efforts have inspired many others --especially people and nations in the Middle East. But the Palestinians are, without a doubt the Gold Medal Winner of our WorldWide Victimhood, Inc. Annual Awards. Note how, their current president has just provided lifetime benefits to those lucky enought to be members of the family of a suicide bomber! This deserves its own unique award as it represents extraordinarily creative efforts in the annals of victimhoodology.

When do you suppose the rest of the world will figure out that they have been conned and seduced by the charming--and lethal--sociopathy of the Palestinians? Huntley concludes:
Were the world ever to hold the Palestinians to the same civilized model as it does Israel, they might find it necessary to meet the few requirements -- starting with a rejection of terrorism -- necessary to end the "occupation."

As long as the political left insists that we look at the world through the distorted lens of their multicultural and politically correct dogma; then there will not only be no end to the conflict, but the insanity will continue to engulf the region and spread throughout the world.

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