Tuesday, June 05, 2007


This is interesting:
The informant who helped break up the plot to bomb the jet fuel pipeline that supplies John F. Kennedy Airport was so convincing that the suspects gave him unfettered access to their operation, federal authorities said.

He made several overseas trips to discuss the plot, even visiting a radical Muslim group's compound in Trinidad. Perhaps more important, the suspects were convinced he was guided by a higher purpose: The ringleader believed the informant "had been sent by Allah to be the one" to pull off the bombing, according to a federal complaint.

I wonder if it occur to them that the informant was indeed "sent by Allah to be the one"--to put a stop to the group's plotting mass murder?

I like to think that Allah, who is purported to be both "great" and "merciful", is extremely pissed at the homicidal maniacs who scheme to commit murder and mayhem in his name.

But you never know....see here, for example.

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