Sunday, June 10, 2007


Image hosted by Time for the weekly insanity update, where the insane, the bizarre, the ridiculous, and the completely absurd are highlighted for all to see! This has been a week of rare idiocy (as always!). So, if you want to remain sane, the best thing is to poke some fun at the more egregious absurdities.

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1. Oh, dear...sans makeup? This must be incredibly traumatic. Evolution or devolution? The next Supreme Court nominee perhaps?

2. OTOH, this may well be the best judicial verdict ever.

3. Jedi mind trick in action. But it only works on the weak-minded--like the MSM. Greedy little pimps' eyes? Great description of certain elected officials.

4. The FDA approved treatment for H.A.S. There is no cure for B.D.S., however. Imagine! calling the Pontiff "sir"!! Oh Lordy, now he's done it.

5. Did you know that snow creates global warming?

6. American snapshot. And then there's a Palestinian snapshot--it's about time, isn't it? OTOH...maybe not fed up enough? It's been forty years and counting.... Perhaps this would be the right moment to send the memo?

7. I would say that the mental health of people who want to leave is not in question; but the mufti is out of touch with reality...but he's just being "mufticultural", right?

8. "Except when you are killing Jews" seems to be the exception to the rule. What's wrong with this picture? Saudi intellectuals tackling the tough issues of our times, like, should women vote; or should they be allowed to drive cars.

9. New! From Paleolithic Graphic Designs...the new Olympic Logo--even a caveman can do it! Some say it is a perfect symbol of our times. Some say it is a "WTF Rorschach" test.... Which makes these animations quite interesting as well as XXX-rated!

10. Eroding individual liberty one little fat molecule at a time... Even photographs of cars can be a declaration of war against perhaps photos of delicious fat-filled food can be, too!

11. eSilliness...not very Harmonic. Would you rather be called dyslexic or dumb? And, How to write good .

12. Leering is a fine art. As is sneering (especially at Hollywood!).

13. Trust me, it is not the house that is "crazy" . And I would definitely also inquire into his mental health,. Face it, everyone's crazy, but some are more crazy than others.

14. Bugged; This goose is cooked.

15. Browncoats at NASA?

16. Definitely look into that lasik surgery... Come clean now- is this why socialized medicine doesn't work?

17. I never really realized how dangerous forklifts were!

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