Friday, December 08, 2006


I stand accused by some angry commenters on my own blog (who are not content with simply disagreeing with me and departing for greener blogpastures...I wonder if they are neurotic enough to also keep tuning into TV shows that they claim to hate? Or, maybe they just have one of those repetition compulsions Freud talks about?);and by commenters at PJ media who prefer to attack my physical appearance; and even by people who seem to think that I should not be allowed to be a finalist in the Weblog awards --all because they consider me a vile "hatemongerer".

They all voice objection to my insinuations that Democrats and the political left in this country--either consciously or unconsciously-- enable, encourage and support terrorism and terrorists.

Oh, I'm so sorry. Was I not clear? I didn't mean to insinuate or suggest such a thing. I believe I have stated it quite unambiguously and directly multiple times on this blog, but obviously I have not been clear enough for some. Let me clarify my position with no ambiguity whatsoever:

- The left and the Democrats (and anyone else) are delusional if they think that Iran and Syria would be helpful in calming things down in Iraq (unless they are using some definition of "helpful" that I am not familiar with--one which suggest that pouring oil on a fire is helpful, for example);

- The Democrats' spurning of John Bolton's nomination is a triumph of appeasement and denial;

- The political left repeatedly demonstrates contempt for the concept of free speech and most of the values of this country, including political and economic freedom;

- The left and the Democrats systematically subvert the truth and exhibit a peculiar rhetorical solidarity with terrorist regimes and terrorist fanatics--just ask the President of Iran, who regularly uses their talking points;

- The left long ago abandoned the liberal philosophy and have happily sunk into moral and intelluctal bankruptcy.

Just read about anything in my sidebar or archives to see that I never refrain from saying what I really think as directly as possible. My overarching emotion toward today's left and their wholly owned subsidiary, the Democratic party, is not hate, but pure, unadulterated contempt (consult a dictionary if you don't know the difference).

I reserve the emotion of hate for the Islamofascist terrorist thugs, and I am very proud to monger that hate for the kind of bestiality and barbarism they routinely exhibit. That the left is unable to realize or accept that it is their own ideology that sanctions the bestiality and barbarism is their problem, not mine.

If you are a Democrat or an adherent of leftist/socialist/communist ideology and you are offended by my analyses--tough shit.

I suggest that if you are unable or unwilling to take a hard look in the mirror and contemplate what your ideology has wrought; then you should get yourself a nice therapist and/or take your anti-anxiety medication more regularly. If you can be in complete and utter psychological denial about what's happening in the world and oblivious to the threat western civilization faces, reading this blog will not enlighten you one bit. Retreat into your bubble of delusion and denial, so that you might maintain your pathetic and overweening self-esteem.

It is very hard these days to call a spade a spade, what with the oppressive regime just waiting in the wings, drooling all over themselves anticipating a return to the White House. The ruling intellectual elites of this country simply are incapable of thinking or listening outside their ideological box. They refuse to look and see the objective results of their rhetoric and treasonous (yes, I said it--do I need to make that more clear?) behavior.

They are intensely, profoundly...desperately eager for this country to fail--for George W. Bush to fail--and to declare defeat; abjectly surrender; betray our friends; humiliate our military; and prop-up every two-bit terrorist from San Francisco to Kabul.

The latest incarnation of the Neville Chamberlain/Lindhberg/Kennedy Brigade of the left want to pretend to everyone that they are "patriots"; that they "care about the troops"; that they are the true warriors, rather than those "losers" we sent over to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq; and that they are a voice for "peace in our time".

Yeah, right.

They are not a voice for peace. They have never been a voice for peace; and they will never be a voice for peace. They are merely a voice that, always and everywhere, calls for the appeasement of evil.

There. Is that clear now?

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