Thursday, December 21, 2006


According to the experts at Pajamas Media, "Feminism will survive."

Not, I fervently hope, in its current iteration; which encourages both the "backstreet floozie" mentality as well as the "I am woman watch me constantly complain about being victimized" whining (see previous posts here and here)

To that end, let me dedicate this next song parody; shamelessly stolen from Gloria Gaynor:


We were oppressed,
Our souls were so distressed
We kept hearing we must always
Let our lives be male-possessed...
But then we thought about that meme
and understood that it was wrong,
So we grew strong
We were women and we roared!
But now-a-days
It's pretty weird
Cause our movement's gone round the bend,
becoming itself what we once feared.
We should have never burned our bras;
We should have kicked Marx out the door--
If we had known that feminism
Symbolized the victim-whore.

We've got Camille and Brittany
And swooning gently
Is Harvard's female faculty
who are now the ones who cannot bear to hear the truth
So they just crumble
And react hysterically;
But we are women--
And we'll survive
as long as we keep growing
We know we'll stay alive
We've got real lives to live
We've moved on and that they can't forgive
But we'll survive...
We will survive

It took all the strength we had
To break glass ceilings;
We just showed them all our stuff
And used our brains and not our feelings.
Once we spent oh so many nights
just feeling sorry for ourselves;
We used to cry,
Now we can hold our heads up high.
And we grew up
empowered and quite strong
Not the foolish little women
who thought NOW could do no wrong.
Today you play the victim card
and can't stand we're truly free:
We left you many years ago
To be all that we could be.

We will survive.

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