Thursday, December 14, 2006


I'm with Michael Rubin on this. First, he comments on the senatorial moron-in-chief, John Kerry:
John Kerry is in Egypt, and is praising Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s wisdom. What Kerry is not doing is speaking up for Ayman Nour, Muhammad Sharqawi, and other dissidents victimized by Mubarak’s crackdown. What does he think Egyptians feel when they hear Kerry saying that Bush should have listened more to Mubarak, whose domestic popularity make Bush look like Mr. Universe? Kerry could have spoken out for independent Egyptian labor unions. He could have spoken up for youth employment. Instead, Kerry stood up for Mubarak’s 2002 support for Saddam.(emphasis mine)

Then he moves on to several other notable dimwits of the Kerry mold:
Eli Lake reports on the trek of several senators, including Arlen Specter, to Syria. Specter has been seeking to engage Damascus for a decade. This 1997 interview about Hafez al-Assad is telling. As an aside, Specter violated his own caveats voiced in the interview when he subsequently engaged Iran despite its involvement in the Khobar attack. I’d be really curious for someone to ask the senators returning from Damascus to comment on how they think ordinary Syrians and the Lebanese seeking to free themselves from Syrian-sponsored terror will react to their visit. The senators might also report on what Bashar al-Assad said in response to their demands that specific political prisoners be released. This assumes the senators brought up the issue and did not just limit themselves to tasking the embassy to arrange squash games. (emphasis mine)

And yesterday there was Senator Nelson's really productive interaction with the assassin of Damascus. Can he possibly suppose that meeting with Assad does anything for his "image" except to bring him well-deserved scorn and ridicule?

What is the matter with these intellectually and morally challenged suck-ups? Can they not appreciate the damage they do to the cause of freedom in the world? Are they incapable of understanding the consequences of their self-serving grandiose ambitions--not only for their own country, but for the fragile dreams of liberty held by those under the boot of oppression in the middle east and around the world?

These are the same people who rage incoherently at how America's "standing" in the world has somehow deteriorated under President Bush, because he dared to call out the tyrants of the world. So, clearly, their present behavior suggests they are fearful that our standing with those tyrants and terror enablers is in desperate need of mending.

These are the same people who demand that the power of the Executive Branch be forcibly reined in; but, if you ask me, it is the unchained narcissism of the Legislative Branch that is out of control and far more threatening to the health of this nation.

What is next on their agenda? One-on-one negotiations with Bin Laden? Or Nasrallah? Photo-ops with Al Qaeda and Hezbollah? Attending the Holocaust Denial Conference to give support to Ahmadinejad? Hand-holding with Hamas?


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