Saturday, December 30, 2006

CHEERS IN HEAVEN - In Honor of Saddam Hussein's Death ***Updated***

Al-Hurra is now reporting that Saddam Hussein has been executed.

UPDATE IV: More at Malkin, Neo-neocon, and Jules Crittendon, who advises us to "Drink Up". The Times of London has an appropriate obituary. The left is, of course, going nuts (but more on that later).

UPDATE III: And, of course, for the deranged left, it is all about Bush. They are certainly the most consistent poster children for the dysfunctional states of psychological denial, delusion and displacement.

UPDATE II: The Anchoress: has a roundup leading up to the execution; and some sobering thoughts. Gateway Pundit has another great roundup and photos. More at Hot Air.

UPDATE I: Bruce Kesler discusses the morality of Saddam's hanging.

(sung to Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven")

Would he beg and plead
Just to get into heaven?
Renounce all his greed,
Just to get into heaven?
Saddam can't contrive, to get out alive;
And we know he won't arrive
Here in heaven

Would he feel shame
If he made it to heaven?
Accept all his blame,
For a passport to heaven?
Ring the martyr's bell, and lead him straight to hell;
He won't be allowed to dwell
Here in heaven

Time has hung him high
Justice won't let loose
There are none who'll cry
as they cinch the noose...

Beyond heaven's door
There is peace we're sure;
Where his victims wait, in suspended state...
Justice is their cure; and soon there will be more
Cheers in heaven

Saddam can beg and pray
Just to get into heaven;
Have remorse each day
Just to get into heaven.
But he can't contrive, to get out alive;
And we know he won't arrive
Here in heaven

And we know that there will be
Cheers in heaven

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