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Hindsight is 20/20 and it is easy for historians to look back and evaluate actions that, though they seemed appropriate at the time, in the light of current information are now recognized as questionable choices. But, there is nothing you can do about it 40+ years after the fact, is there? Except to rage like a verifiable lunatic about the "if only's". Leave it to Juan Cole, intrepid useful idiot professor, to "if only" us to death.

It's just too bad we don't always have the brilliant foresight to identify who our enemies are going to be down the road in 50 years or so.

Some of you may recall that Juan Cole himself, is not the most prescient or intelligent of Middle East analysts in the first place. So there are many reasons to doubt his present analysis of the past.

But in any case, it would be ever-so-much-more helpful from an historical perspective to proactively identify actions IN THE PRESENT that are detrimental and dangerous for the long-term welfare of this country and its people; and which actively enabling our enemies right now.

As a modest example of the sort of proactive, pre-historical analysis I am talking about, I offer the list below. It has the advantage of just looking at events in the last week or so--not 30-50 years in the past like Professor Cole-- to tease out the present cognitive dysfunction; identify the asinine behavior; and pinpoint the dangerous attitudes and mindless drivel that enable and empower the Islamofascist enemies of civilization in their attempts to destroy us. [For a full review of enabling behavior for terrorism, see this post.]


1. Articles from clueless academics like Cole focus on past policy mistakes from previous administrations (both Democrat and Republican). Those backward thinking poseurs, Cole among them, actively undermine current policy that corrects the philosophical and ethical underpinnings of those mistakes; as well as to generally undermine and discredit our country as a whole.

2. Ex-presidents (also here and here) ; as well as president wannabes indulge their narcissistic longings and place any common sense they might have on hold. These pseudo-patriotic bozos (or summer soldiers, if you will) gratuitously attack the current administration's policies for personal gain. They do not offer any alternative plan--except for surrender, of course--but feel it is perfectly appropriate in the middle of a war to offer their worthless opinions and enable the terrorists we are waging war against .

3. News articles from the MSM that, with pathological hysteria, regularly sensationalize military deaths in Iraq--the lowest number of war fatalities from any war that the US has ever fought. New milestones are invented every day to undermine the war effort and to advance the antiwar, anti-US, leftist agenda. In the link above, the subtext of the article suggests that if military deaths in Iraq exceed 9/11 then the war is a failure! Aren't you glad these editors and journalists weren't around in early 1942, when the death toll in WWII would have surpassed Pearl Harbor? We would all be speaking German or Japanese now.

4. The UN calls for a cease-fire in Somalia --immediately after Ethiopian troops begin to crush the militant, murderous religious fanatics of Al Qaeda. What does the UN care that these fanatics were trying to institute another taliban-like reign on the hapless citizens of Somalia? About their atrocities, the UN has nothing to say. Just as they have very little to say about Darfur; just as they have little to say about Hezbollah and the Palestinian aggression since they are too busy condemning Israel and the US.

5. The abject failure on the part of the press to report on the economic successes and booming economy in Iraq. Outside of Baghdad things aren't so grim as the MSM would have you believe, but to put the violence in perspective would be contrary to the official leftist template that desperately needs Bush and the U.S. to fail in Iraq.

6. The deliberate and opportunistic distortion of articles such as this one, which puts words into a newly dead ex-president's mouth in an attempt to discredit the current president. Pathetic, but nevertheless effective. Everyone sees the Post article--but who will notice this one that put's the words in context?

7. There are over 150,000 individual troops in Iraq. Are we now to poll them to decide if every military decision in a war meets with their approval? How insane is that? Butonce again, it serves to shore up the MSM and left's socialist template of of the poor, oppressed U.S. military personnel; that is when they aren't promoting the alternative template that U.S. military personnel themselves are oppressive, barbaric and murderous tyrants.

8. The rage and vituperative onslaught against this man--one of their own; and their vice-presidential candidate in 2000--who dares to think outside their ideological box when the welfare of the U.S. is at stake. The Islamofascists know they can always count on the brain-impaired Kos Kidz and the dementors of the DU to support their strategic objectives.

9. The ongoing distortions from the many crooks and liars of the left blogsphere in their delusional attempts to convince themselves that the real "enemy of civilization" is George W. Bush and not the terrorist fanatics blowing people up all over the globe. This is certainly very brave of them (i.e., just like those courageous Dixie Chicks who have suffered a loss of --gasp!--fame and box office receipts when they dared to criticize the tyrannical Bush)--speaking "truth to power" and all. As you might imagine, their rantings are the nourishment and soul food that actively enables the real fascists and theocrats --but the left gets to feel good about themselves, and that hallucinatory sense of moral and intellectual superiority they experience is all that matters in their little bubble.

Check out this roundup of leftist hysteria at Gateway Pundit over the execution of Saddam Hussein by the Iraqis. It was much the same when Zarqawi was killed by US forces; and they will undoubtedly howl in disbelief and rage when news of Osama's demise is certain. Let me be perfectly clear: THEY DO NOT WANT THE US TO WIN IN IRAQ OR THE WAR ON TERROR. They sell their country out regularly because they are so blinded by hate for George Bush. This promulgation of this kind of mindless rot that erodes the country from within is just as effective as any suicide bomber. It must please the enemy to no end that they have so many willing allies working for them right here, right now.

10. Last but not least, don't take it from me--just listen to what the head honcho of Al Qaeda says. As Al Qaeda sees it, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" and it justifiably considers the recent antics of idiotish Democrats (who constantly seek to discredit their mortal enemy Bush by undermining the Iraq war, as well as the larger war with Islamofascist thugs like Al Qaeda)as somewhat helpful to their plan for world domination.

The Democratic Party, the offical mouthpiece of the lunatic left these days, is so far gone in its narcissistic indulgences that it is wholly unable to step back and consider how their behavior has made this country weak and vulnerable to homicidal organizations like Al Qaeda. For a litle bit of cheap glory they can pander to their leftist base, they are perfectly happy to give Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups the ammunition they need to continue their campaign against civilization. Hence their opposition to every single initiative by the current administration to monitor and thwart terrorist planning.

Now, that, my dear Juan Cole, is real enabling behavior.

***HELPFUL PSYCHIATRIC NOTE: For anyone on the political left who is tired of his or her addiction to the shitty ideology that is destroying their critical thinking capability and is turning them into useful idiots who mindlessly support and enable terrorism; I recommend this 12-step program

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