Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Iran is defiant after the UN decided to impose some watered-down sanctions for its continued nuclear ambitions:
Iran on Sunday reacted defiantly to the United Nations Security Council resolution imposing sanctions because of the country’s nuclear program. Iranian officials vowed to continue efforts to enrich uranium and warned that the Security Council action would change Iran’s relationship with the United Nations’ nuclear monitoring agency.

It is hoped that the world is finally coming to realize the declared, homicidal intentions of this regime are not a joke, and that its psychotic leaders mean what they are saying.

Americans should also consider that far from "helping" us in Iraq, the Iranians only wish to further their own fanatical agenda and squash democracy there as they have managed to do in Lebanon and Palestine.

There is no way to predict with any certainty what the future will be. But we cannot passively wait for the reason-impaired president of Iran to see the "light" and hope that he is only joking about his plans for dealing with Israel. A moment is fast approaching when a decision will have to be made about how to deal with Iran--and no matter what the enlightened journalists or members of the Left say, the problem is not Israel.

It is not useful to reduce everything and everyone to Hiter and the Nazis, but I hope in this particular instance, I may be forgiven for emphasizing the real and frightening parallels. Perhaps we can still learn from history before Ahmadinejad and the mullahs make a perfect rhyme with Hitler and the Nazis?

UPDATE: I forgot about this photo, which also makes my point:

UPDATE II: Neo-neocon has this to say, linking to an earlier piece of mine, Memento Mori, and pointing out that Israel is now home to about half the world's population of Jews:
...the "ingathering" of Jews that the formation of the state of Israel represented, which was supposed to have been essential for Jewish survival, has instead facilitated the work of Hitler's heirs.

A great deal of Hitler's energy was involved in rounding up a widely scattered people--one of the main Holocaust themes is the cattle car, the trains on which the Jews were transported to their doom.

But now there's no longer need for any such effort. Because of the "ingathering" that Israel already represents, one strategic bomb would destroy half of world Jewry in a moment. If the Jews are the canaries in the mine (and I believe that's an apt metaphor), half of them are now in a single mine, and it's sprung a gas leak.

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