Sunday, January 23, 2005

Weekly Insanity Update

It's time for the weekly roundup of the insane, the ridiculous, the obnoxious, and the completely unbelievable! Overall, despite bright spots, it has been a fruitful week for those of us in the mental health field. Moonbats were joyfully at play, mindless of the delusional quality of their thoughts. Pretetentions abounded and there was plenty of tinfoil to go around. And that was just a summary of the insane items! Here's the list:

1. Make love, not war

2. Now this is the kind of scandal I could get behind!

3. Other important national secrets entrusted to "Say-no-more" Hersh.

4. What a complete jackass Kerry is. (IMHO, of course)

5. These Ayatollahs are pathetic. Note the rant about "Western and Zionist capitalists", and you will understand why the Left can relate to these thugs.

6. Clearly she hasn't been straight with the American public. Perhaps her loyalty to the mission she was given, overwhelmed her respect for the truth?

7. He voted FOR Condi Rice, before he voted AGAINST her?

8. Really? Really? Oh, Geez! But then it turns out that the NYTimes may have been exaggerating....I'm just shocked. (hat tip: Glenn Reynolds)

9. An example of political pragmatism? Or, "I'll do ANYTHING to get elected!"?

10. Flip - Flop - Putin style!

11. "He did a terrible thing, but it wasn't murder." What do YOU call stabbing someone to death during a bank robbery, I wonder? (hat tip: Frank)

12. You just can't disagree with some people without them wanting to kill you.

13. Somebody better tell the Texas Longhorns!

14. The question is --has anyone discovered a terrorist with one?

And, an Extraspecialbonus insanity:

15. Any really brave ANSWER people out there? You're needed again! (via Rantingprofs)

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