Sunday, January 09, 2005

Weekly Insanity Roundup

A busier week than usual for the insane, the ridiculous and the unbelievable. Here's the weekly roundup--and it is by no means a complete compendium of all the wierdly bizarre and crazy activities going on in the real world. If you come across anything insane during your week, feel free to send it on to me for the roundup.

1. It is now illegal and requires a parent's permission for a child to go to a tanning salon in California. (hat tip: The Corner) But it they don't require parental permission to do this.

2. Independence revoked!

3. Family Values

4. Count till you win... (sort of like "shop till you drop")

5. A man of constant Soros. He's losing again!

6. Heil Fatah!

7. No bias here. Yeah, right.

8. I am so outraged at this, I can barely type, let alone be my usual witty self.

9. Can anyone say "paranoia"? How about "delusional"? Examples of complete insanity here.
And, finally, this. I suspect that if they HAD implemented shar'ia, then the tsunami's devastation would have been superfluous.

10. Of course, to keep them REALLY safe, you need to tie them up and lock them in the closet. (hat tip: Michelle Malkin)

11. For the first couple of lines, I though Krugman was actually writing his autobiography ! But no, it's his usual whining about others. (Here's a wonderful skewering by Vodkapundit)

12. Frankly, we'd probably all be better off if the dead ran for office, instead of just voting.

13. I like this headline: Shrink Delusional

14. And here's someone who simply redefines "democracy" to make it what HE wants it to be. Life is very convenient for a narcissistic megalomaniac (is there any other kind?).

15. Oh No! Is NOTHING sacred????

16. And speaking of sacred: The Koran. Is there anything it can't do?

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