Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stop Whining and Fix It !

Powerline is correct. This is an issue that must be faced by both political parties and dealt with before the 2008 elections:

Electoral fraud. It is a grave and growing threat to our democracy. Major elections have turned on it, and it is only a matter of time until voter fraud precipitates a constitutional crisis. Consider what is happening now in Washington. Christine Gregoire was sworn in as Governor today, but a legal challenge to her "victory" is pending. It appears reasonably clear that the Democrats stole that race, and they will probably get away with it. Al Gore tried to steal the Presidency in 2000, and nearly succeeded, with the aid of a grotesquely partisan 4-3 majority of the Florida Supreme Court, which issued one of the most absurd decisions in the history of litigation, lacking even a fig leaf of legal coherence.
It seems to me that we have two choices: upgrade our electoral system and guard its integrity with at least the fervor that we bring to preventing, say, underage drinking, or face the inevitable crisis when it comes.

Why can't both parties stop their bickering and jockeying for position and do what needs to be done? Do Democrats and Republicans plan to continually subject the American people to the same disgusting whining and posturing about "every vote should count" cries of "Fraud!" after every election? (I notice it only started when the Democrats lost their power, but that's neither here nor there). The point is to FIX IT. And fix it before the next Presidential election.

I'm pretty sick of the behavior on both sides. Sometimes I think that neither party wants the system fixed so they can be left with the political option of blaming the other about voter fraud and other shenanigans. Let's fix it now, so that neither side has an excuse to whine.

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