Sunday, January 30, 2005


Let me be the first mental health professional to describe what I'm sure will be a new psychiatric disorder:

Post Iraqi Election Success Trauma by Unhappy, Pathetic, Inconsequential Democrats or


The symptoms of this disorder are
  • unhappiness progressing to profound depression at the success of the Iraqi elections
  • Anger and resentment that George W. Bush may have been correct about Freedom--or anything, for that matter;
  • Denial that the Iraqi election means anything at all;
  • Inability to accept reality and an almost psychotic refusal to consider revising their premises--instead their shrillness will only intensify;
  • Immediately refocusing on something else that they believe will prove their belief in the failure of the US Iraq policy is justified (e.g., Guantanamo treatment of prisoners, Sunni "exclusion", etc.)
  • Continued public posturing on their discredited perspective (i.e., comparing Iraq after elections to Vietnam quagmire; rooting for the underdog Iraqi "insurgents", etc.)
  • A deep-seated hatred of America and all its values that is disguised as sympathy for the downtrodden, poverty-stricken huddled masses of their imagination. They will ignore any downtrodden masses that don't fit their ideology.
The first public sufferer of this disorder is none other than John F. Kerry, failed presidential candidate, flip-flopper extraordianaire, and pitiful human being. On Meet the Press today, he is noted as saying: “No one in the United States should try to over-hype this election.”
What noone should try to over-hype is this man's intelligence; nor should they minimize the degree of self-delusion necessary to keep an individual from appreciating the historic importance of this day in world history.

I expect over the next few days we shall be innundated with examples of this sad disorder all around the country. Pundits and political personages; lowly members of ANSWER and other anti-war, anti-American, anti-democratic, pro-terrorism groups; angry anti-Bush personages everywhere --all will begin to exhibit the symptoms of this disease.

There is no known cure for the syndrome--except possibly a modicum of psychological insight and self-reflection; or a willingness to look at one's own motives, behaviors and feelings. But, sadly, facing reality is not a hallmark of those vulnerable to the syndrome. Instead persons with the disorder will defiantly declare their support for people like John Kerry and Barbara Boxer for President in 2008, thus cementing their descent into madness.

And because of that last, I will truly enjoy their suffering.

UPDATE: The Watcher has kindly made a list of others suffering for this horrible disease.

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