Monday, January 10, 2005

Dumb and Dumberer


Here is the CBS Report on the Rathergate memo mess. The good part is that some people got fired, including Mary Mapes. The Report concluded:

"The combination of a new 60 Minutes Wednesday management team, great deference given to a highly respected producer and the network’s news anchor, competitive pressures, and a zealous belief in the truth of the segment seem to have led many to disregard some fundamental journalistic principles."

However there are two fundamental problems with this report: (1) Despite overwhelming evidence AND the testimony of their own "experts", the report would not say that the memos in question were forged! This is astonishingly disingenuous and confirms that CBS will never regain credibility and is run by a bunch of horses' asses. And, (2) Dan Rather was not terminated and still works for CBS. This is further proof of the conclusion I make to point (1).


I have just sat and listened to a succession of Lefty pundits claim that the CBS 60 Minutes story was "basically" true; and that President Bush never answered the question about special treatment in the Texas Air National Guard; nor proved that he didn't disobey orders and shirk his ANG duties.

As Mark Steyn commented yesterday, these irrational idiots have gone and "created their own alternative universe." Their motto seems to be that "if you don't like reality, just make yourself a new one!" Next thing you know, they'll be talking to their imaginary playmates and saying they don't want to play anymore.....oh, wait--they already did that.

UPDATE: The Corner at NRO makes an excellent point: The investigators at CBS can't acknowledge CBS bias but assume that watchdogging bloggers had a "conservative agenda." See p153. Jim, did you get interviewed? Did any bloggers--the ones mentioned in the report, for instance? Just wondering. (KJL)

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