Saturday, January 29, 2005

Fair And Balanced Coverage?

On the eve of the Iraqi elections, here are a sample of headlines in the mainstream media from Memorandum(January 29):

Survey Finds Deep Divisions in Iraq (Zogby International News)

Skeptics Question Worth of Iraq Election (

Three in four Sunnis 'won't vote' (

Iraqi Leaders Urge Voting As Bomb Kills 8 (

Flashback to the 60's: A Sinking Sensation of Parallels Between Iraq and Vietnam (

Eight more Iraqis killed on election eve (

Shiite Faction Ready to Shun Sunday's Election in Iraq (

By contrast, there were two articles that took a positive slant:

A Day of Iraqi Hope (WaPo)
By Steve Hadley who is the Bush Administration's new National Security Advisor, replacing Condoleeza Rice


For Iraqi Expatriates in the U.S., a Chance to Savor the Vote (NYT)

I guess we know which side most people in the media are on, don't we? I just can't wait to see what they have to say tomorrow, but I think we can count on a negative spin, no matter what the reality will be. Of course, if things were to go well, an awful lot of reporters would be bitterly disappointed, but I'm sure they would likely find something to fit the negative script-- Saddam says election 'illegal'--or something like that. Or they'll say there weren't enough people who voted; or if there are--there won't be enough Sunnis; or if there are--some Iraqis will be unhappy; or if they're completely happy--Teddy Kennedy will denounce the results, etc. etc. etc.

As for me, I will watch election coverage here, with a link to CSPAN. But no matter what happens tomorrow, the post prior to this one expresses my feelings and hopes for the people of Iraq, who have an historic opportunity to take back their country from tyranny and build a future with Freedom. Congratulations to all those brave Iraqis who will vote tomorrow.

UPDATE: Well it's 2 hours after the above post, and here are 2 more headlines that have appeared at Memeorandum:

Iraq to Vote Shadowed by Threat of Bloodbath (Reuters)

Iraqis Prepare To Go to Polls Amid Threats Of Violence (WaPo)

UPDATE II: Scrappleface cuts to the heart of the issue, as usual!

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