Thursday, January 20, 2005

Prescription for the World's Anxiety About Bush

I have several solutions for the emotional problems described in this article (and I make these suggestions with the deepest compassion for those involved; as well as with the fundamental, essential empathy that makes us all human):

1. Accept that you are on the wrong side of history.
2. Change, or get over it.
3. Begin to take responsibility for your own country's problems and stop blaming the U.S. or President Bush for those problems; and
4. Antidepressants*, if the above doesn't work--but, as a consequence of resorting to drugs for this problem, you then must shut up. (Note: *antidepressants work very well for anxiety and are not addictive).
5. LGF suggests more exercise, and I also include this suggestion--although I think that exercising your brains might be of more immediate, practical benefit.

Complete the above actions, and call me in the morning. Or, better yet--don't.

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