Thursday, January 13, 2005

A Free Iraqi

Ali, who used to post with his brothers Omar and Mohammed at Iraq the Model, now has his own blog called "Free Iraqi" (I really like his byline: "I was not living before the 9th of April and now I am, so let me speak!"). He has a really interesting post that I think is worth reading. Here's a sample from it:

What the analysis linked by Sullivan misses is that America is not fighting a Sunni insurgent alone, as there are the whole powers of terrorism behind it and the support and finance of most Arab countries. This means that establishing peace, order and democracy in Iraq requires defeating terrorism as a whole, and that's the goal of course, but it's the ultimate goal not the immediate one expected from toppling Saddam. To expect to defeat the whole global terrorism through battles in Iraq is not realistic. The realistic goal is deprive them of one more base, establish a democracy in Iraq that can affect the neighboring countries to a great extent and then move on to another base, do the same (which would be much easier than Iraq and won't necessary require an invasion) and so on.

His perspective--as well as the perspectives of all the bloggers from Iraq--is a must-read. Their optimism constantly inspires me, and reminds me that Freedom is worth any cost.

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