Sunday, January 09, 2005

"Reality Sucks"

Losers have many slogans to justify why they are losers. Among the Democrats, coming up with new ones is an art form. "Reality Sucks" and "Every Vote Must Count" and "Karl Rove is an Evil Genius"--the list goes on and on. Mark Steyn comments on this annoying and seemingly endless whining:

Thought for the day, from a gloomy party member on the Democratic Underground Web site: ''Reality sucks. That's the problem. We want another reality.''
Well, they're doing a grand job of creating their alternative universe. At midday Thursday, as George W. Bush was about to be confirmed formally as the winner of the presidential election, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, described by Agence France-Presse as the ''Democratic former presidential hopeful,'' led 400 other Democrats in a protest outside Congress. Presidential-wise, they may be former but they're still hopeful. So they were wearing orange, the color of the election protesters in Ukraine, who overturned their own stolen election with an ''orange revolution.''
Now, on the one hand it's very brave for the Rhymin' Reverend to lead an orange protest. There is no rhyme for the word ''orange.'' Irving Berlin tried and the best he could manage was ''door-hinge,'' which just about works in certain boroughs of New York but would make an unreliable jingle for the Rhymin' Rev to bellow at Bush from outside the White House:
''We're here, we're orange
We're pushing at your door-hinge . . .''

Of course, the Dems could do the difficult, mature, grown-up, level-headed, appropriate, and rational thing, and look within themselves as to why they lost the election......naahhhh. Such an action requires psychological insight--something present only in miniscule quantities on the Left. That is why they continue to be losers. And that is why--as Steyn points out--they are fast becoming irrelevant to reality (or, to put it another way, reality is beginning to feel the same way about Democrats as the Dems feel about reality).

Read the whole editorial.

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