Thursday, January 06, 2005

Suicide Is Painless

Nothing shows the "win at any cost" mentality of the Democrats than this story. They are willing to sacrifice this country (they can't sacrifice their integrity, because they have none) in a naked grab for power and vengeance. I dare any of them to cite ONE, SINGLE, ELECTION that was "perfect". There are voter "irregularities" because people make mistakes; people behave stupidly; people are ignorant; and people cheat--people of ALL political persuasions. These facts are immutable. But their continuous whining about "counting every vote" is just code for saying count OUR votes (remember in Florida in 2000 how the Democrats were opposed to counting late military ballots?). Their mantra of "voter disenfranchisement" is an example of them using an adult concept to explain their childish, self-centered rage at not winning (they are CERTAIN that they are in the majority, because they don't know ANYONE who voted for Bush, after all). They want to take all their marbles and go home, but first spoil the game for everyone else.

And finally, the continual use of the "Race" issue; the insinuations of Black voter intimidation are utterly contemptible and nauseating. Racial Prejudice has become the Dems stock in trade. Just witness their abhorrent behavior towards Condoleeza Rice and any other Black Republican. They apparently can only appreciate Blacks who are dependent on their political party, any others can be slimed with impunity.

On NPR this morning, I listened to a completely delusional rant from a person who is "outraged" at voter irregularities. That person should make haste for Washington state, where she could witness first hand the stunning "irregularities" perpetrated by Democrats trying to manipulate a close vote. The strategy in the Washington state governor's election was simple: keep counting till you get the "correct" result. Keep finding "new" ballots. Cheat. Cheat. Cheat. Fortunately, in Ohio the vote wasn't close. (Check out Hugh Hewitt's book: If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat for more on this phenomenon)

Last night Fred Barnes on Brit Hume's show stated emphatically that it would be political suicide for the Democratic party to protest this election. But Barnes doesn't understand the intense anger and rage that suicidal people feel that stimulates them to punish everyone around them.

Suicide is painless for these jerks. They are already dead.

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