Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Competing Inaugurals

Judy Bachrach of Vanity Fair just assumed the absurd position of criticizing the "lavish" festivities planned for the Inauguration on a segment of Fox News. And she was incredibly pretentious about it, too. She claims that she has discovered an inverse relationship to our nation at war and the amount of money spent on a presidential inauguration (the more you spend, the worse it can be assumed a war is going). FDR--who had a sense of propriety--according to this dingbat, had such a modest little inauguration where they served chicken salad.

Wow! Who would have thought that Vanity Fair--Vanity Fair!--would offer us a history lesson in comparable inaugural entertainment? It matters not to this bimbo that the funding for the inauguration activites of which she disapproves is privately donated and that the President has taken care to insure that the troops are honored. Here she is spouting about chicken salad!

As it turns out, for most of WWII the Allies were losing and the news of casualties and deaths were orders of magnitude greater than what is happening in Iraq (go ahead, you can check). When FDR was inaugurated in 1945, he was 3 months away from his own death; and if the inaugural festivities were subdued, it was much more likely it was due to the poor health of tthe President which he had denied during the campaign the previous year. As for FDR's other inaugurals, the pomp and circumstance demonstrated would likely come in second to none.

I am just so sick of these obnoxious, superior people who claim that their moral perspective is so far above everyone else's. Ms. Judy, for example, suggested that the money could go to buying protective armor for our soldiers. I have a sneaking suspicion that Ms Judy doesn't give a rat's ass for our soldiers, but she does hate President Bush and clearly considers it her moral duty to expose his moral failings.

I expect that she likewise has issued a statement on behalf of Vanity Fair that the Golden Globes, the Oscars,probably the annual basketball March Madness etc. etc. should also all be cancelled for the same reasons as the Presidential Inauguration festivities; and the money that would have been spent on them (and maybe even the clothing that would have been bought to wear to them) should immediately be spent to improve the Humvees in Iraq. And also, the ostentatious and lavish lifestyles of many of those in Hollywood should immediately cease and their incomes donated to whatever Ms. Judy considers of importance. Maybe she should also stop dying her hair and having it styled? That could contribute a few more bucks to the things that are really important.

The complete insanity of her position is that she and her ilk, by their treasonous actions and behavior during wartime must shoulder some of the responsibility for a good number of the deaths of our own soldiers. They have seen to it that the hands of our military have been tied behind their back in every military action and demonstrated an incredible double standard where whatever a U.S. soldier does is criticized, but the 'courageous' enemy gets a free pass (after all they are the "minutemen" fighting for their country's freedom from the evil U.S.). They have seen to it that the U.S. is damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't--just as long as it is damned. And when their disastrous predictions didn't happen in Afghanistan, they lost interest in the country, since it couldn't help them in that mission.

She should join John Kerry's faithful on the carribean cruise they are planning during the inaugural events. By the way, Kerry interruped his lavish lifestyle to come to vote "No" on Dr. Condoleeza Rice's confirmation as Secretary of State. Perhaps he and Teresa could donate $40 million or so to improving the status of the common soldier in Iraq. Yeah. Right.

UPDATE: HAH! I should have known.

UPDATE II: I find I am getting a lot of traffic because Oliver Willis apparently discussed this same segment. Since he didn't feel it necessary to let his readers know that the original context of the interview of Bachrach with Bridgette Quinn of Fox--it was to be about the the ongoing inaugural plans, not about humvees in Iraq --I am providing this link here to check it out, if you like.

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