Friday, January 14, 2005

A Royal Ass

Regarding the Prince Harry debacle, where the clueless Harry wore a costume with Nazi swastika, The Diplomad wonders:

" widespread and loud the outrage would have been had Royal Harry worn a Che Guevara sweatshirt? Dressed up in a KGB Colonel's uniform with a red star? Sported a Mao button? How about if that cigarette he's clutching in the photo had been a Cuban cigar whose purchase supports the Castro brothers? Just wondering . . ."

Lest the Left forget, Hitler wasn't the only mass murderer in the 20th century. He has plenty of company from those benevolent Communist and Socialist regimes and their politician/thugs. I've noticed though, that many on the Left seems to think that Hitler is a bad person because he was "Right", i.e., a fascist, and that's where he went wrong. If you kill millions of people and you are from the "Left", then it is simply an historical necessity on the way to a brighter future, I guess.

Frankly, I've never appreciated the difference between a "Leftist" or "Rightist" mass murderer; or a Communist/Socialist/Fascist/regime. They are all totalitarian regimes that oppress and kill people and they are all run by a bunch of thugs. They all operate through fear and elimination of human rights and freedom. How they manage to control the means of production seems rather irrelevant to me.

So, if Harry was an idiot for wearing a Nazi uniform with swastika, how about all those oh-so-fashionable morons who wear Che Guevara t-shirts and think its cool to celebrate a viscious murderer? Or those who still make excuses for the Chinese or Soviet "experiments", which left millions (and counting) dead in the detritis of their glorious people's revolutions; or those who still find it expedient to blame the Jews for their own pathetic failures.

Clearly, Harry is not the only royal ass on the planet. He's got plenty of company.

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