Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Star Wars Forever-- or Not ?

The Boo is a Star Wars fanatic, and has been since she was 5 years old and loved Darth Vader (because he was "cuddly and safe" of all reasons). She knows the specifications of all the starships, and details of the lives of the characters that most people would prefer NOT to know. Her current favorite is Boba Fett (I can't decide if her tendency to go for the bad guy is a bad sign--I'll wait until she actually starts dating in a few years!). She is filled with excitement that the Episode III video game and book will be out in early May; and the movie out in mid-June. She has watched all other episodes at least a million times and knows all the dialogue by heart.

However, I think I have found just the thing to turn her OFF to Star Wars forever, thanks to the tip from Ace of Spades. Go here if you want your soul to be encased in carbonite forever. And make sure you listen to the songs on the album! ALL of them. Extremely depressed it will make you, yes. Sort of like Vogon Poetry (Whoops! That's an entirely different story!).

The question is--am I heartless enough to do this to my daughter? My big fear is--what if she LIKES it? Oh, dear.

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