Saturday, November 13, 2004

Getting Real With The Religion of Peace

So, it turns out that according to Drudge, Osama Bin Laden has obtained a fatwa from one of the thuggish Saudi Sheiks giving a green light to using nuclear weapons against the U.S. (hat tip: Little Green Footballs)

I don't know if this is true or not, but if it is, then all that is standing in Bin Laden's way is the purchase of a nuclear weapon (assuming he hasn't already got one and was just waiting for religious approval for his actions). This religious approval has been discussed in the Islamic world for some time now (see HERE).

I wonder if Mr. Bin Laden understands the concept of "mutually assured destruction"? I wonder if Mr. Bin Laden understands that the response to a nuclear attack on the U.S. would dwarf our response to 9/11? I wonder if Mr. Bin Laden understands that he would be the instrument that would be responsible for the end of Islam as a religion on the planet? I wonder if Mr. Bin Laden cares about anything except death and destruction?

I propose we begin this discussion NOW. Before this madman acts on what is surely his intent, if not his capability. I propose that this discussion be completely OPEN and PUBLIC, and that it be made clear to the Islamic world what would happen if this madman's plan comes to fruition. I propose that we make sure that the world understands exactly what our response would be to such a heinous act before that act is completed. And then I propose that PROACTIVELY, we formute a plan to make sure that OBL is killed and that we stop futzing around dealing with these Islamic megalomaniacs wherever they may be --whether in caves or halls of government. It is time to get real with the "religion of peace".

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