Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A "Weirdly Vested Interest"

John Podhoretz says the Left has a "weirdly vested interest" in seeing America fail to bring democracy in Iraq and other places around the world. But it is more than that. And it is not "weird"--it's self-preservation.

Consciously or unconsciously, the Left realizes that the tired, old slogans and ideology have grown stale and meaningless before the onslaught of Freedom. How do you keep 'em down on the collective, after they've seen Liberty?

Protest marches for "Peace" that use violence to make their point won't do it anymore. The Truth is out there and anyone with any brains can see it now. For all their claims that they stand for the "oppressed masses", the Left can now be seen to stand in solidarity with the oppressors and murderers. For all their claims to stand for "diversity" and inclusiveness, the Left desires conformity of thought and homogeneity of ideas. For all their Rah-Rah-Rahing on the sanctity of human life, where is their outrage at the indiscriminant slaughter and barbarity of the "insurgents" in Iraq and the religiously-sanctioned homicidal maniacs of Islam?

No, the Left realizes on many levels that the jig is up. That anyone who wants to look can see what they really stand for and have ALWAYS stood for: the enslavement of the human mind and spirit under the dictatorship of a few elites(whether they are the Communists, Socialists, the Animalists, the Jihadists, or some other isthole). Their silence on the true horrors of the world is deafening. Their actions on behalf of true innocents is underwhelming. They are in a final battle to preserve their distorted reality and screwed priorities and will use any means necessary to disguise their real intent. But don't be fooled. Freedom is really on the march in the World and the Left is deathly afraid their treasured ideological positions will be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Podhoretz calls it a "weirdly vested interest"--I call it enabling and supporting Evil.

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