Sunday, November 21, 2004

Weekly Insanity Roundup

Here are--IMHO--some of the most insane, bizarre, and delusionally psychotic tidbits of the week. When the world is this crazy, it's good to be a psychiatrist!

(1) The bizarre tug-of-war over Arafat's medical records (hat tip: Roger Simon)

(2) Demonstrators in Santiago, Chile protesting APEC and America's treatment of Fallujah (hat tip: LGF)

(3) John Kerry blames Osama Bin Laden for his losing the Presidential Election

(4) In Detroti, Professional athletes demonstrate why they are such good role models for children

(5) In Milwaukee, a radio announcer decides that Condoleeza Rice is a terrible role model for blacks and refers to her as "Jemima" (I'm sure he would prefer professional athletes--see above).

(6) President Bush is criticized for picking Cabinet members who (gasp!) agree with his policies.

(7) Bill Clinton's new presidential library opens and is clearly dedicated to displaying the truth of his administration.

(8) Apparently, it's ok for the UN to permit Saddam to embezzle billions of dollars and funnel bribes to UN members and payoffs to terrorists, but it's REALLY upsetting to UN employees that their leadership would punish sexual harassment.

(9) The Arab World is seething (is this an atypical reaction?) over a Marine killing an insurgent in a Fallujah mosque, but have nothing to say about the brutal slaying and mutilation of Margaret Hassan; or the headless and mutilated bodies found in Fallujah killing rooms.

(10) The Jews--who as we all know are responsible for EVERYTHING bad in the world (except when America is)-- are also, it seems, responsible for....anti-semitism! An amazing discovery over at the U.N.

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