Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Iraqis Eager for Democracy

From Powerline comes a story straight from an Iraqi newspaper, Annabaa:

For the first time in Iraq’s modern history, Iraqis are taking interest in their country's election. Iraqis have heard and read about free and fair elections in other countries and now they stand at the doors of their own election.
We visited the streets of Najaf and asked some people about the elections.
Mr. Thual ( age 18) said: "I and my whole family will participate in the elections. It is our country and it is our duty to build it and keep it. If we slack then who will build or protect Iraq? I believe the elections will be successful and turnout will be big."

Mr. Abed Azuhra said: "I will participate in the elections because they are free and fair. Then we asked, "How do you know they are fee and fair?" His answer:"I have seen the previous elections, they were mandatory, with only existing government officials on the ballot and only one president 'Saddam.' The baathists cut our rations if we did not vote. There has been a fundamental change in Iraqi government, this government is for the people. This government invites and asks us to vote they do not threaten us. I wish the security situation were better. But it will not stop me from voting."

Mr. Jaafar said: "This election will decide Iraq’s destiny. The elections are an important step toward safety, stability and Iraq’s complete sovereignty. Voting is a civic requirement, elections insure the rights of citizens, guards their unity and ends occupation (by its own or outside governments). We will all participate, women and men."

Abed Al-Sabbag said: "The most important thing now are the elections. They are the only avenue to the solution of the problems of appointees. The terrorists and naysayers, first said that the Iraqi interim government under Bremer was illegitimate because the coalition forces picked it out. Then they rejected the interim government selected by U.N. as being illegitimate, (even though the naysayers asked the U.N. to pick the government). So let us see what they will say after the elections. I am sure they will find something. The terrorists and naysayers do not want to give up power. The days of taking power by force are gone."

You won't see their comments in the mainstream news. All you will get is Kofi Annan huffing and puffing about Fallujah and postponing the election. And on NPR this morning not a single person they interviewed in Iraq was positive about the Allawi government or the attack on Fallujah; and all complained bitterly about the violence that they felt was caused by the Americans.

How does the mainstream media always manage to find people adamantly opposed to what the U.S. is doing and noone who thinks it is the right thing? At least the report above from an Iraqi newspaper shows that there ARE Iraqis who believe that democracy is worth the sacrifice. I wonder if we do?
UPDATE: Here's a rundown on media coverage on the Battle for Fallujah so far. Fair and Balanced? You decide. (via Instapundit) And while you're at it, be sure to read THIS--a marvelous question that the Left should be asking themselves (but won't, I fear).

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