Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Update

I have to admit I was VERY nervous after the leak of the exit polls this afternoon....but after seeing Joe Lockhart and Susan Estrich interviewed (they were dour and sour respectively) I feel much more optimistic about what's going down tonight. I am sitting here watching Fox News (I tried CNN and they completely turned me off) and cruising the net reading blogs and their commenters. One particular site that is incredible is C-SPAN , which has a map you can pass your cursor over to see the latest percentages in each state.

So far the only surprise is how completely off the earlier exit polls were. This is interesting because they are usually fairly accurate since you are not only polling "likely" voters, you are polling ACTUAL voters. The company doing this must have screwed up in their methodology big-time.

Anyway, stay will be a long night.

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