Monday, November 08, 2004

Arafat Burial Post Reprinted

My post "Arafat Burial Suggestion" has been reprinted in Israel Insider, a daily online newsmagazine. You can find it here. I've received lots of email from Israelis who like the suggestion. Typical is this one:

"I think your suggestion demonstrates resourcefullness, creativity and is highly appropriate.Just tell me where and when." E.A. , from Netanya, Israel

Another email asked me why I focused on that one particular death that Arafat was responsible for, and I have to admit that it was the horrible murder of Leon Klinghoffer that first made me aware of Islamic terrorism and the insanity of those who wanted to destroy Israel (and were using the Palestinian situation as their excuse). Mr. Klinghoffer was not the first to be murdered (remember the Munich Olympic games of 1972?) Like most others in the world, I assumed these events were just brief detours into abnormal, savage, subhuman behavior....I was wrong. Yasser Arafat made it his life's mission to encourage other psychopaths like himself, until their insane worldview became the official Palestinian perspective.

Anyway, if you missed the post first time around, check it out at the above links.

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