Monday, November 29, 2004

The 10th Brother

Did John Kerry try to shut up one of his "band of brothers"? It seems so. (hat tip: Jim O)

His name is Steve Gardner. He's also known as "The 10th Brother," as in Band of Brothers. He's one of two members of Sen. John Kerry's 12 Vietnam swift boat crew members who refused to stand with Kerry at the Democratic Convention. The other man remained silent.
"They said I had a political agenda. I had no and have no political agenda whatsoever. I saw John Kerry on television saying he was running for the Democratic nomination for president, and I knew I couldn't ever see him as commander in chief -- not after what I saw in Vietnam, not after the lies I heard him tell about what he says he did and what he says others did."

Steve Gardner was threatened, vilified in the press, and lost his job. He has not benefited at all from his stand against Kerry, and says he'd do it again. Read the whole article to find out how the Kerry campaign attempted to silence Gardner.

I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to Gardner and the other Swift Boat Veterans who decided to speak out against John Kerry--not for personal gain, but "for America."

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