Sunday, November 07, 2004

Triumph of Hope

Former Spanish Prime Minister Aznar (who lost the election in Spain after terrorists killed 190 by bombing a Madrid train ) has an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal today called the "Triumph of Hope":

I believe that Mr. Bush's re-election ushers in a period of hope for the international community....
Over the last few months we have witnessed numerous attempts to introduce and exploit issues that have the greatest capacity to create divisions. Power has been abused, and a damaging sense of polarization has set in. Hatred has been promoted in the place of understanding. Unity has been replaced with division. It is comforting to see that this strategy has simply mobilized many more millions of Americans, millions of Americans who went to the polls in order to do exactly the opposite. They have voted for a policy based on principles. They have voted for a sincere policy, for a leadership based on convictions. This policy does not shy away from unpleasant realities, but faces up to them, because it knows that this is the only way of overcoming them. This is the lesson that we can all learn: Attempts to create division can be opposed with a policy based on principles. And this policy can be a triumphant one.

Read the whole article. Mr. Aznar puts out hope that Europe can change in light of this new opportunity that American voters have given them. I am a hopeful and optimistic person, but Mr. Aznar trumps me on this issue. At least I can hope he is right!

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