Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I am not a politician and unlike Polipundit, I'm not interested in predicting political races. Having said that, I AM interested in psychology and would like to make some psychological predictions:
  • This is the most dangerous time for the safety of the President. There will be a lot of rageful and vengeful leftists, who will delusionally believe that they were robbed of an election and might--with the right encouragement form many forces in American life--be tempted to harm Bush. The Secret Service should increase their vigilance at this time and for the next several weeks until emotions calm down.
  • Because John Kerry did not bring them to a victory, once he concedes defeat, the mainstream media will go after him in a flash. All those stories questioning his military discharge and actions after the Vietnam war will finally be investigated and the truth will come out.
  • Michael Moore, and various Hollywood celebrities will make a big deal about their emigration to someplace (probably France) in Europe. (this is good). They have been wanting to do it anyway, and this latest example of American perfidy will be just the excuse they need.
  • Thoughtful Liberals (yes, there are such people) will begin to really look at their premises and begin to think about why they supported Kerry and the Democrats (as Wretchard suggests), but the majority of the Left will only dig themselves deeper into the "hatred of America "meme, convinced that they are right and the rest of the country is composed of morons and rubes; and they become even more vicious and intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them--possibly even violent.
  • As above, there will be considerable "acting out" by the toddlers and adolescents of the Left.
  • That frisson of fear Osama bin Laden has been feeling for several years will expand into full-blown anxiety as he realizes he has badly misjudged America and Americans
  • Now that the word "marriage" had been redeemed by Americans tired of language being stripped of all meaning, there will be a new tolerance and acceptance of gay "civil unions".
  • Europeans will be mystified at the reelection of George Bush and chalk it up to the fact that Americans are hopelessly uncivilized and remarkably stupid.

Just heard that Kerry has called Bush to concede the election. I'm glad because he did not prolong this and further encourage his supporters in their delusion that the election was stolen from them. Despite all the questionable things he has done in his years of public service, I will admit Kerry did the right thing today.

Oh beautiful for patriot's dream, that sees beyond the years. Thine alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears! America! America! God shed his grace on thee. And crown thy good with brotherhood--from sea to shining sea....

UPDATE: So it begins: HERE and HERE (hat tip: Jim O) More here.

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