Thursday, November 04, 2004

Psychological Test

Here is a perfect example of a psychological test of the "glass half-empty/glass half-full" variety. The picture below (scroll down) of President George Bush, made up entirely of images of fallen soldiers in Iraq is either
(1) an antiwar statement indicting the President for the deaths of American soldiers and the war in Iraq (as was intended by the artist) or,

(2) a moving tribute to soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our country and their Commander in Chief.

Because I am both an optimist and a realist, the second option was my reaction, and I never even thought of the first interpretation. I wondered when I first saw it, why Michael Moore would post it on his (now-defunct) website after John Kerry lost the election? It reminded me of one of President Bush's ads ("Whatever it Takes") that came out in the last month. In that ad, Bush emotionally talks about how hard it was to make a decision to go to war and then to emotionally deal with the deaths of soldiers carrying out your orders. In this ad you see a man who is not in denial--as his opponents portray him--but a man who truly recognizes that his decisions are life and death for the people he represents. It is the portrait of a true leader. Just as the mosaic below is a portrait of a true leader. Take the psychological test and see what you think: is the glass half empty? Or half full?

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