Thursday, August 09, 2007


The ever alert Andrew McCarthy at The Corner makes a wry observation:

Had They Been Two White Kids, No One Would Have Cared ... about, y'know, those Pipe Bombs

But, alas, they were Muslims so everybody cares. Or, better yet, CAIRs.

Yes, that execrable organization and it's official Sami al-Arian-pom-pom-wavin' spokesman, Ahmed Bedier, are at it again.

First, Bedier pronounced, before anything approaching an investigation could have been done, that the two Egyptian Muslims who were arrested over the weekend in South Carolina, were totally innocent: Just a couple of "really naive kids" (ages 21 and 26) who happened to have some "fireworks" in their car as they made their way on one of those crazy college kid field trips ... one that just happened to take them by Goose Creek where the the U.S. Naval Weapons Station is located, many miles from Tampa, where they attend the University of South Florida's School of Engineering.

And, here, well, let's just say we end up with one of those you-just-can't-make-it-up coincidences: That happens be the same USF School of Engineering that served as home base for former Professor Sami al-Arian while he was laboring for Palestinian Islamic Jihad. And, whaddya know, Al-Arian's case was the last time we were hearing so regularly from Bedier. By the end, in spring 2006, he was boldly pronouncing that Sami would stick to his guns. He would not under any circumstances plead guilty to any terrorism offenses because there was "no conspiracy to support terrorism." That turned out to be right before al-Arian pled guilty to conspiracy to provide services to a designated terrorist organization

Read on to see how CAIR has really got the leftist PC BS down extraordinarily well. Using the tried and true strategy of accusing anyone who disagrees with you as either a racist; a sexist; or a homophobe, CAIR seems to think that arresting people carrying around pipe bombs is an exercise in Islamophobia.

The formula is simple and relies on the same old, same old banal Marxist rhetoric and the accompanying slogans that are trotted out in every circumstance and situation. They are the courageous champions of “X”, and when anyone disagrees with them, they must be motivated by hatred against “X.”

No one can argue against such insane logic. They are for "peace" and if you point out to them that their actions facilitate war and enable evil, then you are by definition a fascist; they are for equality; and if you suggest that their actions result in discrimination that only institutionalizes racism, then you are clearly a racist; they are for gender equality and if you mention that there are real differences between men and women, documented by science, then you must be sexist pig.

In CAIR's case, as McCarthy notes, they are completely absolutely and totally against terrorism--except if a Muslim is involved, in which case Islamophobic profiling had to be involved.

I guess it is irrelevant to CAIR that out of thousands of acts of terrorism committed in the world since 9/11 (with thousands of people killed by those acts)that the vast majority were instigated, planned and carried out by followers of their religion?

Whatever Islam is, it is not a religion of peace.

And while CAIR would have you believe that the solution to the problem is for Americans to become more and more knowledgable, understanding, and tolerant of Islam; actually, the reverse is true. It is Islam and its adherents who repeatedly demonstrate bigoted and intolerant behavior.

I won't even begin to discuss the cultural and institutional acceptance of violence and hate that are on display almost everywhere Islam is practiced. Go on over to MEMRI and take a look at some of the TV programming for children in the Middle East; or catch a translated radio program from that part of the world occasionally. You will not be particularly impressed at the level of tolerance and acceptance that Islamic societies show toward non-Muslims.

It is the Jihadis and suicide bombers of Islam that need to learn tolerance and not their victims. It is the cynical and duplicitous leaders of CAIR that are the true bigots; and who, by their actions always and everywhere are laying the groundwork for the Caliphate. They have just cleverly picked up the tricks of the revolution trade from their sympathetic comrades on the political left.

Isn't it about time that we stopped caring about what CAIR thinks? Why anyone even takes them seriously is beyond the comprehension of a civilized person.

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