Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Larissa Alexandrovna whose post I used as a typical example of the emotional hysteria of many on the political left (see here) is now threatening to "report" me for unethical behavior to the Michigan State Medical Board. Here is a comment I wrote on her site, which has yet to appear on the site (I'm sure she's in a quandary about whether to allow the comment to actually appear on her site--the "police state" side of her mentality warring with the "I'm for free speech" side):
Funny isn't it, that you are trying to bring the police state you are theoretically so opposed to, down on me for writing my opinion of vapid and shallow thinkers like yourself? Using my psychiatric skills (as I do often to make observations about the world) I would suggest that the whole "police state" fearmongering that you are doing (rather hysterically, I might add) appears to be a clear psychological projection (look it up). You are a fraud. You wouldn't mind a police state at all as long as you and your friends were in charge. Your threats towards me and those of your commenters demonstrate a obvious desire to silence anyone who dares to have an opinion differing from your own. I would also suggest you hone your reading skills since the post in question merely uses your confused and convoluted rhetoric ("It's official, we are in a police state..."!!!!) as an example of the kind that is often found on your side of the political spectrum.

If ever a police state does comes to this country, we will surely thank people like yourself who are so clueless about their own inner motivations and demostrate a profound hypocrisy when it comes to what freedom is really all about. When you ban me as your ilk always do, then I will post this comment on my own blog to once again highlight and illustrate the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of people like yourself. Have a nice day.

This is the same woman who thinks 9/11 may have been an inside job (go to the "about me" feature on her blog). It doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure that she left sanity in the rear view mirror back in 2001.

I hope this clarifies my position, Larissa. Both as an American and as a professional woman.

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